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RP Open Post

  • Give me an opening tag.
  • Either pick one of my cast or I'll pick.
  • Profit.
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Totally doing this.

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Narvin didn't think that the humans would take his lack of a visa so poorly. Commander Lutgar attempting to kidnap two of their teachers for interrogation probably didn't help. He'd told them to leave them alone and just hack computer files instead. Now here he was making a hurried retreat in his TARDIS before the men in black suits found him. The engine wheezed and ground as he pushed buttons on the console and activated the dematerialization circuit.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, a black suit.

"What are you doing there?" he squeaked.
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Kay didn't even have a gun drawn. He just had his hands in his pockets and was staring around what was otherwise a pretty bland console room boredly. In fact, he stood out like a sore thumb and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why Narvin hadn't noticed him standing there before.

He yawned against his hand, before looking around and finally answering Narvin's question.

"Agent K. Men in Black. Division 6. I was called in to investigate a time machine within a restricted zone." He pointed down. "This? This is a time machine."

And then he motioned around him, as if to indicate the outside. "This is a restricted zone.

"Mind tellin' me what you had up your sleeve, Tiger?"
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"I didn't have anything up my sleeve." He raised his hands off the console, not quite raising them in the air in surrender but nervously heading that direction, even though the agent hadn't drawn a weapon on him.

"And I'm fairly sure we're not in a restricted zone anymore." He inched towards the doors in case the agent asked for proof.
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"The majority of the universe has time travel restrictions." So he was more than a touch confused about the advanced state of this time machine. Still, he went to the indicated door and swung it open, ready to have a look outside.
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On the other side of the doors, the Time Vortex swirled with light, almost hypnotic. Narvin hadn't looked directly at the Vortex since his initiation and the Untempered Schism. It took some effort to draw his gaze away and not get sucked into visions of probabilities. He kept his eyes on the floor.

"Yes, about that. I'm fairly sure we're not in your universe anymore, either."
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Kay looked out into a swirling void with perhaps the most passive look a human could possibly muster. He leaned just slightly, lips parting only then, to stare over the edge. Just stared down his nose into nothingness fearlessly. Then he closed the door, and turned back to Narvin.

"Are you gonna turn this thing around and take me back?" He motioned at the door vaguely.
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Narvin hesitated. "Are you going to arrest me for possession of a time ship in an illegal zone if we go back?"

He really didn't want to spend the next however many years in an Earth gaol cell.
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"Depends on why you had a time machine in my universe," he said flatly. Then added, "Why did you have a time machine in my universe?"

Everything about this man was dry as a bone. His features craggy. His stance stiff. He gaze narrowed at Narvin in a way that made most people feel like he was trying to bore a hole through them.
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They weren't in an interrogation chamber, but the agent's steady gaze made him feel like bright lights were shining on him anyway. So he took a deep breath and lied.

"I was lost. Travel between universes isn't easy and I simply ended up on the wrong Earth."
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"Do you have proof of your place of origin, licence to operate a craft, and when you found out we existed why didn't you immediately apply for a permit instead of take off like your pants were on fire?"

He glanced over at the console, finally, breaking that hard stare to look at the buttons.

The horrible thing about Kay was that while he was a responsible human, he was still a human, and those were an awful lot of buttons.
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Narvin paid no notice to Kay eying the buttons. He had little experience with humans in any universe, otherwise he might have been more alert to possible trouble.

"Of course I have proof of my identity, and my licence to pilot a TARDIS. But why should I show you? I want to see your law enforcement credentials first."

Narvin avoided answering Kay's last question, hoping he could distract from it and that it wouldn't come up again.
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He held up his wallet without lowering his gun. There was an MiB ID, a badge, and a piece of black paper. The black paper? Had all of the impression of psychic paper.

He canted his head toward the console.

"What's that big red button do?"

At least he wasn't experimentally pressing it.
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"That?" He craned his neck to see which button he was indicating. "That's for Emergency Dematerialization."

Narvin slowly lowered his hands to see if Agent Kay would let him do so.

"My identification is in a locked case under the floor."
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"Alright." He let him lower his hands. "Go ahead. Get it." He motioned with the gun.

And then after another beat? "What's the button below it do?"
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He kneeled and opened the hatch, which was nearly invisible against the floor. His small CIA issue case was hidden within. He removed it and swiftly opened it after keying in a code and letting the lock scan his DNA. Inside was a spare mindwipe, a spare staser, his CIA papers, and his psychic paper.

In that moment he had a choice to make. Reach for the staser and try to stun the intruder? Go for the psychic paper and attempt to deceive him? Or tell the truth and show him his actual CIA credentials? He paused for a few nanospans as he considered his options.
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"You're takin' an awful long time to decide whether or not you wanna grab your ID or a weapon, Sunshine." Kay said nonchalantly, as if Narvin's contemplations actually weren't the risk to him that Narvin might be thinking they were. This was typical, he could be bound in horrible constricting vines and his reaction would very much be the same to the entity controlling them.
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That eliminated one of his choices. Grabbing the staser could only feasibly work as a plan if he could get off a surprise attack. He reached for the psychic paper. CIA protocol clearly stated that they weren't to give out their true identity and purpose to aliens and Narvin always had a healthy respect for rules and protocol--at least so long as they weren't in his way.

The psychic paper read:

Temporal Physicist, Second Class
TARDIS #59283/2u-2j4ndj1837
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There was a slow, grudging sigh, and Kay actually lowered his gun. The look on his face could only be described as "long suffering". "That called 'carte blanche'? We have psychically responsive cards, too. I know what it is."

And he leaned against the console, exasperation setting in. "C'mon. Let's try it again. Unless you're stallin' for time. 'Cause the further I get from home, the more pissed off I'm gonna be and the more pissed off my partner will be."
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And that removed his second option from play. So, if he couldn't staser him, couldn't lie to him, that left only one terrible choice: to tell the truth.

Vansell was going to give him a stern talking to for this.

"Very well." And this time he handed Agent Kay his true CIA identification.

"We were tracking a renegade whom we think was taking shelter in another universe. He's highly dangerous and--" Narvin stopped in mid-sentence as the cloister bell began to ring out a warning.
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"There's a highly dangerous criminal on my planet and you couldn't think to inform the local authorities?" But he realized his complaints would probably be lost in the sound of that bell. At least Kay put his gun away, rounding the console and trailing his eyes over the assortment of buttons.

"What's going on? What's happening?" There had to be a read-out somewhere.
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"The cloister bell. That means something's gone wrong." It wasn't a very specific answer to Kay's question, but Narvin himself didn't know the answer yet. He rushed over to the console and upon reading the scrolling Gallifreyan script on one of the monitors, swore under his breath.

"Well, the good news is, you don't have to worry about a highly dangerous criminal being on your planet. The bad news is, he's in the TARDIS with us and sabotaging the systems."
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"Oh." He said with an air of acceptance. Of course, that would be how things went. "Alright, you need him alive?"

He raised an eyebrow at Narvin.
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Narvin considered it for a moment. He wouldn't consider the renegade's death much of a tragedy, but there were questions the CIA wanted to ask him.

"It's preferable, but not necessary. He won't be easy to kill, though. He's a Time Lord; he'll regenerate."

He cocked his head. "Are you offering to help take him down?"
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"Does his head grow back?" The sort of regenerators he knew were a little more hardy than Time Lords, though they weren't exactly as intelligent. He leaned his butt back against the console and crossed his arms in front of him, waiting for elaboration.
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"No, that's generally permanently fatal." He hesitated to tell Agent Kay about Time Lord weaknesses. Even under peaceful circumstances it was giving up sensitive information. Not to mention just a few moments ago he'd had the gun pointed at him. But he determined that the chances of his renegade stowaway killing him were far higher than Kay killing him. And he didn't want to die. So trusting Kay and letting him help get the renegade before the renegade got him first was his only option.

"Shooting him in both his hearts is a guaranteed kill." He pointed to each side of his chest to indicate where Gallifreyan hearts were.
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"Alright." Kay accepted this challenge, and violence at his discretion (Even preferably alive) was what he was good at. He walked over to look over Narvin's shoulder, leaning in for a better view, despite the risks.

"You got a reading?"
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Narvin pushed a few more buttons.

"We just lost our counter-magnetization thrust. That means he must be in the dynamorphic power chamber. This way."

Narvin snatched up the staser from the lock box and tucked it in a pocket as he headed towards a door that led to the interior of the TARDIS.
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"What's the dynamorphic power chamber?" He asked as he followed along, not actually moving to stop Narvin from grabbing the taser but fully prepared in case this was part of a ruse to rearm himself.

"What did this guy do?"
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"It's in the lower levels," he said, taking the lead. He was devious enough that he might have concocted a lie to rearm himself, but in this instance, his fear was very real, no ploy.

"He's already killed two operatives who were sent to bring him in. He came to the CIA's attention when he stole a weapon out of the Anomaly Vault and used it to destroy a developing world. We don't know why, exactly, and my superior would very much like to ask him. But we'll settle for death as an acceptable second alternative."

Narvin carefully glanced around a corner and seeing that it was clear, continued down the hallway.

"He's often hired aliens to help him. Disposable grunts. So we may need to deal with mercenaries before we get to the mastermind himself."

The TARDIS shook and rumbled as another system went down, and Narvin stumbled.
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As promised!

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Somehow, Jamie'd managed to get himself arrested. Again. He didn't even know why this time, which made it all the more frustrating, although deep down he suspected his aborted escape attempt might have had something to do with where he'd wound up in the end.

No matter the reason, though, the fact remained that he was locked up in yet another cell and waiting to find out what they were going to do with him, and this time there wasn't any Doctor to get him out of things. He'd have to figure it out on his own. In the meantime, he was handling it in the usual sort of way - by not-so-quietly trying to get the guard's attention.

"Look, I've done nothing wrong. When are ye going to let me out of here?"
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Woops! Enter key of doom...

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He wasn't alone when he was jammed in there. A woman with light blue hair was tucked into the back of the cell, at the moment looking bored. But once she realized she wasn't alone, she perked her head up (her chin had been resting solemnly in her hands) and hopped to her feet.

"They don't intend do. They have a different definition of wrong." One that Zev didn't agree with, and she was so furious with her current position that she didn't bother to flirt or bother yelling at that guard again that she was hungry and tired and thirsty.

She went to the bars herself, grabbing them and peering out between them. "You'll regret this when Kai comes!" She had given up on asking them to release her, and the Cluster taught her long ago that maintaining innocence was useless. Besides, she was never particularly ashamed of any of her "crimes".
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"Och, that's just great," he grumbled. "So we're to be locked up here for the rest of our lives? Or do they intend on making this a 'temporary' sort of accommodation until they decide it's not worth feeding us any more?"

It wouldn't exactly surprise him to find that was the case, given what'd happened so far. On the off chance he could find a way out, he crouched to take a better look at the lock. The thing looked sturdy, and complicated - not something likely to easily be picked with a hairpin. Pushing himself back to his feet, he was just starting to brush his hands off on his kilt when she grabbed at the bars, prompting him to give her a rather curious look.

"Who's Kai, then? Someone who could get us out of here, I hope?"
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"He is." She explained. "He is the last of the Brunen G, and a Divine Assassin. He could get past all of them."

But he wasn't here yet, and she was ready to pace because she hated to be locked in a place. She moved away from the bars and sat heavily on one of the benches, putting her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands.

"Why does this always happen to me?" she asked with more resignation than curiosity.
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A divine...assassin? Jamie blinked at the blue-haired woman in bemusement, not at all sure he'd heard that right. But when she sat down, he moved to sit next to her - and even though it wasn't quite as heavily, there was a look of resignation on his face as well.

"You too?" With a sigh, he looked at the door, then back to the lassie. "Well, I suppose it could be worse. If they've put us together, maybe we can come up with something they'd not be expecting. My name's Jamie, by the way. Jamie McCrimmon."
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Despite her sour mood, she couldn't pass up the opportunity for a coy smirk. For a slight tilt of her head. "Jamie? I'm Zev." She decided to forgo the other attachments to her name at the moment, and sat up a little bit straighter.

"Have you had to do many escapes before? I usually have to wait for someone, but I can keep from dying."
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"Aye, well, most times something or other happens and we wind up getting let out."

And he couldn't quite help looking over at the door again, almost as if expecting someone to open it right then and there. But of course, they didn't, and he turned back to her with a shrug.

"But there's been a few where I've needed to manage it. Usually the Doctor's with me, though. I've not had to do it so much on my own. Look, do ye know if they take prisoners to more than one place here? I was just with the Doctor before I'd gotten captured but I didn't see him as I was brought in."

Maybe if the Doctor hadn't been, he'd come looking for Jamie - and have some sort of a plan to get them out of wherever they'd wound up this time.
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"I don't. They just tied me up and threw me in the cell. I manage get myself untied just before you showed up." She held up her hands and wiggled her fingers. "I'm stronger than I look."

But her hands fell again, brief flirtatiousness vanishing, and she flopped back against the wall. "But I'm not strong enough to bend bars." Bars could hold the strongest, most irritable Cluster Lizard.
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"Oh, aye?" There was a speculative look cast at those wiggling fingers, the corner of his mouth curving up the tiniest amount before she let her hands drop again.

She had a point, though, about the bars. They looked as solid as the lock and even if he could get them to budge where she couldn't, he'd likely not be able to bend them either. And the noise would likely draw unwanted attention. So that wouldn't do. But if she'd been tied up, he might just have an idea.

"Aye. I'm no so sure that'd work even if ye could, but...look, maybe there's something we could manage even so. Do ye still have what they tied ye up with?"
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"I do!" she said, hopping up and running over for them. A small little pile of strong, thin, ropes, and she brought them over to Jamie.

"What were you thinking of?" Honestly, while it was nice being rescued, it would be infinitely nicer to rescue herself. At this rate, it seemed likely that Kai was talking his sweet time in getting here. Maybe he'd been cut in half again and was having to reassemble himself.
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Taking one of the ropes in his hands, he experimentally pulled it taut, tugging a bit to test the strength of whatever material they'd been made out of - and seemed pleased with the results.

"Aye, these'll do. Now, all we need to do is get one of the guards in here, sort them out and use these to make sure they won't go anywhere. Then we'll have access to a uniform and whatever else they might have on them. How are ye at faking being sick?"
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Time to make everything awkward for Jamie

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Suddenly she grinned widely as another idea struck her. "I'm not good at faking sick, but I am very good at getting attention. You wait over there."

She went over to the barred door and pressed tightly against it, her hip cocked, her knee slightly through the slats, and did her best to make the bars frame her chest in the most flattering way.

She looked back at Jamie and gave him a very serious nod, before calling out the door in a desperate, plaintive tone, "Please... Please, I need someone to help me." She kept her hands behind her back, fingers clasped around one broken-cuff. "My hands are still tied. I can't undress without help."

And predictably a guard leaned very quickly around the corner.
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Oh yes, very much so.

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Jamie's eyebrows disappeared into his bangs for a moment, but then he shrugged. If she could get the guard's attention in some other way, he supposed that would work just as well. Nodding, he moved over to where she'd mentioned, a place that looked to be out of sight from any guard looking that way, and readied himself for her to get the guard's attention.

What he was expecting her to do and what she wound up doing instead were two completely different things, though, and his eyes went a bit wide as he watched. And at the word 'undress', he made a slightly strangled noise in the back of his throat, but he managed to stifle it quickly enough.

If the guard said something, he'd just have to figure out some way to play along...that was, if the guard even picked up on it. He really wouldn't be surprised if the man's attention was fully on Zev now.